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Clearance Locations

Traders hours of operation - Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
Please Fax all clearance documents to: 905-855-1375.
Afterhours inquiries should be faxed to: 905-855-1375
Or email clearance documents to: pars (at)

View all Traders Clearance Locations Below, courtesy of Google Maps.

Using Google Maps

You have two choices for viewing the markers on the map, one by clicking on the "View Larger Map" link above the map or two by double clicking on the map close to but not on the marker for the area you would like to view.

Note: By clicking on View Larger Map, all the location are provided with information on the left hand side of the screen, so you can simply click on the location of your choice and the information will show up on the map at the correct location, once again to can double click to zoom in and you can left click and hold to drag the map around.

Note: if you use the navigation provided in the top left of the map be ready to scroll around to find the marker, it is easier to double click close to but not on your point for the area you are searching.

If you need to move the map, to bring another area into focus, then left click and hold then drag your mouse to the area you would like to view on the map.

View Larger Map

View Larger Map


Carriers please email
clearance documents
to: pars (at)
or fax to: 905-855-1375.

Border Wait Times

Click here for up to date information on border crossing wait times.

Click here for information on how to use the Gov. of Canada wireless portal for border wait times and other information.

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